I love easy-to-follow systems that let you organize anywhere. No two homes or businesses are the same, and over the years I’ve relied on the I CARE system to help clients get and stay organized. You can use it anywhere–homes, businesses–wherever there is stuff!

I CARE: Identify, Categorize, Assign Homes, Relationships, Ease of Maintenance.

Identify: What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Do you want to create more space by decluttering, or organize what you have?

Categorize: Sort through your items and decide whether to keep, donate, or (as a last resort) trash them.

Assign Homes: If an item doesn’t have a specific place to go back to when you’re done with it, it’s liable to float around the house. Assign each item a home so it can go back later!

Relationships: Ask yourself, “Do I use this often?” If the answer is yes, keep it within easy reach so you can access it with minimal effort. If the answer’s no, it’s okay to keep it in a more out-of-the way place. Not everything has to be (or even can be!) within arm’s reach all the time.

Ease of Maintenance: If it’s too hard, you won’t do it, so make it easy to maintain your organizational system! Don’t expect yourself to maintain an alphabetized spice cabinet. If all the spices are in one cabinet, that’s plenty! Keep your organization system as simple as you can get away with–if it keeps your home clutter-free and you can keep up with it, it’s a good system.

If you want help setting up business organizing systems, check out our business organizing course at BusinessOrganizingSystems.com!

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