Any large project looks easier when broken into smaller pieces, and decluttering is no exception! Here are three easy ways to break down the decluttering process so you can start with confidence. 


Categories: Narrowing your focus to certain types of objects is a great way to break through the where-do-I-start anxiety. Whether you’re working solo, with family, or alongside an organizer like me, you can choose a category of item to go through to get used to the decluttering process.

You can choose to focus on one room in your home, or go by item type. When you collect one type of item and bring it all together, you can see at a glance how much you have. I’ve seen it over and over: you had no idea you had seven hairbrushes until you got the ones from the downstairs bathroom, upstairs bathroom, kids’ rooms, and the vanity all together! It’s easier to let go of extra things when you know they’re really extra.


Time: If scheduling a whole day of organizing makes your palms sweat, start with five minutes! Set a timer, put on some awesome music, and spend a specific amount of time decluttering and letting go. If you’re exhausted after five minutes, that’s fine! If you feel like you’re on a roll, keep going. You can break your decluttering process into as many small chunks of time as you need. 

Low-hanging fruit

Low-hanging fruit: Do a blitz in each room, picking up anything you know you don’t want anymore. Never want to wear an itchy sweater again? Grab all the itchy sweaters in your closet and let them go. As you look for things you know you don’t want, you’ll spot a few more! 

I hope these tips help you break through the anxiety of starting so you can, well, start! If you’re struggling with organizing, get in touch with us and we can work together to get you on track. 

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