Giving gifts during the holidays is a wonderful way to express love to family and friends. But how do you make sure everyone gets what they want, without stressing at the last minute? De-stress your holiday giving with these tips.

Write Gift Ideas Down

Why try to keep a mental list of gift ideas when you can write them down? Save yourself the brainpower and jot presents down as you think of them throughout the year.

Keep the list in one place, and when it comes time to shop, you’ll know exactly what to get.

Check things off the list as you purchase them, so you don’t double-buy something because you forgot you got it months ago!

Encourage Re-Gifting

It’s easy to go overboard during the holidays and buy too much stuff, which creates waste and unnecessary clutter—and not just for you, but for gift recipients! Before you shop, look around at what you already have. If you got a great book for your birthday that you know your sister would love to read, re-gift it! Things don’t need to be new to be great gifts.

Encourage others to re-gift, too. Let your friends and family know that you would treasure used items just as much as brand new ones. Lead by example, and normalize re-gifting as a great way to cut down on waste and get items to the right person.

Encourage Experiences Rather Than Things

Another way to reduce holiday clutter is to gift experiences instead of physical things. Does your niece love horses? Instead of buying her a stuffed toy horse, how about gifting her a horse-riding lesson?

Cooking classes, restaurant gift cards, and tickets to events are just a few options for gifting experiences. Think outside the (gift)box, and give friends and family fun memories this year.

Send Money

Have you ever run to Bath & Body Works at the last minute to grab lotion or shower gel for an aunt or in-law because you had no clue what else to get them? Many of our clients have more than their share of unopened hand soaps and moisturizers! If you’re not sure what someone wants, don’t grab something generic that will end up gathering dust in the cabinet. It is more than fine to send money in lieu of a present.

This is particularly true for people who have specific hobbies that you’re not familiar with. If you’re shopping for someone who paints, but can’t tell acrylics from watercolor, don’t guess! Give cash, or a gift card for a store that supplies someone’s specific hobby. I guarantee the recipient will appreciate a Michael’s gift card more than paints they can’t use or don’t like.

I hope these tips help de-stress your holiday giving this year! Comment below with your favorite way to reduce holiday clutter.

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