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The Dream

What would it be like if you knew how to organize your life? You would know how to find what you’re looking for, your home or office would be calm and peaceful, and you’d have the knowledge and tools to keep it that way. 

That dream can be real! Let Organize to Excel work with you in person or on Zoom to organize your life, home, and business!

Residential and Business Organizing Services


Imagine the peace and calm of an organized home! We work with you to declutter and organize, and teach you the skills you need to maintain your organization.

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Imagine your desk and desktop with no distractions. We work with you to streamline your business processes so you and your employees can do the work that you’re meant to do.


Do you have a cluttered desktop? Storage issues? Can’t find the files you need? Confused about the cloud? We can streamline your filing system and create an easy-to-use computer. 


“Katherine is the answer to a disorganized person’s dream!  She and her team came in and organized my office, closet and garage.  Wow!  What a difference!  The lack of clutter makes me want to work and makes me more efficient.  I highly recommend Organize to Excel.

– George

“Forget the emotional drain of continually wasting time trying to find things. Time is money!!  The cost of hiring Katherine and her crew is peanuts compared to the rewards of having a system to know where put and find everything.”

– Larry

This was like hiring a gym coach, but for organizing. So thank you so much for making my place feel much much better that’s actually useful and fit my needs.”

– Gabby

"I am a lawyer and I hired Katherine to help organize my law office filing system. She gave us an awesome 1 hour consult to help streamline and make it easier for all employees to access files and information."

– Michael

"Organize to excel has helped me both virtually and in person over the past two years get my office and life organized! They are extraordinary and not at all judgmental. I highly recommend Organize to Excel...even Dr Katherine Macey's virtual training was amazing!!! Thank you for your help!"

– Michael

"We love working with Katherine and her team to organize our offices, garage, and lives. Twice we a year they help us clean our all of our stuff."

– Peter

"Organize to Excel is extraordinary ... They brought so much intelligence and expertise and even guided a choice of shelving and then assembled them so the university's movers could smoothly focus on what was meant for them. A PLEASURE TO WORK WITH AND AN AMAZING FINISHED PRODUCT!"

– Lorrie

"Very professional. Wonderful people to work with. Made my moving process so easy."

– Kathy