You’ve decluttered, you’ve created stations for different categories, and you’ve brought all food and delicate items inside. Now you just need stuff to put your stuff in! Be strategic about what you purchase, though. When I’m organizing with a client, I try to bring as few new items into the home, including the garage, as possible. Using what you already have before buying new organizing gadgets saves you money and reduces your consumption (=love for the planet!). That being said, here are my top 3 tips for garage organizing!

1. Use Vertical Space

Garage organizing vertical space

When you can’t go outward, go upward. Hooks, racks, and shelves are all great ways to get items off the floor. Vertical storage saves space, and saves you from picking everything up off the floor. Better for your garage, and better for your back. If you need help installing organizing solutions in your garage, contact a local garage organizing installer. If you are in Los Angeles, Gus at OrganizIt! and Jay from Organized Garage Solutions both know their stuff and have been working with Professional Organizers for years. Both these garage organizing companies can help you with sports-specific hooks and bins and other tricky bulky item storage.

2. Use Appropriate Containers

I mentioned in my last post that storing stuff in cardboard boxes is a no-no. Opt for sturdy metal or plastic tubs, which offer protection from water and pests. They keep dust off, too. Set your shelf heights to accommodate your boxes (or choose boxes that fit on your shelves) without losing too much vertical space.

3. Label

Label, label, label, label, label, label, label, label, LABEL!

But seriously, labeling is one of the best things you can do to keep your whole home organized. Labels involve everyone in the organization process. There’s no reason to ask mom or dad where your snorkel is when the swim station in the garage has a big, easy-to-read label on it.

When the whole family knows where to find their stuff, they also know where to put it back. It cuts down on unnecessary choices. If your bag lands in a different place every time, not only do you have to decide where it’s going to go, you have to remember each new place—or spend time hunting for it. A hook with “blue bag” on it simplifies everything. Labels!

I hope I’ve covered everything about garage organizing in this series of posts, but if you have questions about something I said, or need help in an area I didn’t cover, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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