Now that you’ve reflected on life using the Wheel of Life and made a list of SMART PATH goals, it’s time to set priorities. As impressive as it would be to tackle every problem in your life simultaneously, it’s unrealistic. Not only would it be a whole lot of work, your focus would be everywhere at once!

What do you value most?

Are any of these values at the top of your list?

  • Time with family
  • Forging ahead with your career
  • Serving your community
  • Love
  • Adventure
  • Creating a cozy home
  • Being healthy
  • Creating a life that works

Everyone’s values are unique, and I can’t tell you what you should value most—it’s up to you! But asking yourself the question and finding out what you value most in life is important. It gives you a clearer focus and knowing what your value means you can structure your life to match it.

How do your values show up in your Wheel of Life? Are you allocating your time and energy in a way that matches your values? What is essential to you?


To be congruent means to be in agreement or harmony. Life works better when you’re not fighting yourself, so it’s important that your priorities and the way you live agree with each other.

If you value having a neat home but consistently come home from shopping trips with bags of unnecessary purchases, your values and actions aren’t in harmony, and you have a decision to make. Do you want to change your values or the way you shop?

Ask yourself both ways: Is shopping more important than a neat home? Is a neat home more important than shopping? Changing the words around makes your brain consider both sides, and can help you break out of bad habits.

If you decide you enjoy having a neat home more than shopping, you have a clear path toward congruence. Simple, but sometimes difficult. (If you have a hard time keeping your home neat, give us a call!)

Life works better when you're not fighting yourself. Set priorities.

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