Maintaining organization is crucial! Your to-go kits or your laptop bag are only useful if you know how to (and actually do) maintain them. Here are some simple ideas to make sure your car or mobile workspace stay nice and tidy!

Digital Nomads

Purge your backpack: If you’re a hot-desker or use a coworking space, it’s best to pack light. But over time, paperwork, notes, and sticky notes can add up to a lot of clutter. I recommend that you purge your backpack, satchel, or laptop bag on a regular basis. If you let it go too long, purging might seem like a big task, but having a regular schedule keeps the task very manageable. Whether it’s once weekly or twice a month, keep track of when you purge your mobile workspace so you know when it’s time to get it all out and see what needs to go.

Have a home for everything: Decide where each item goes in your bag, and stick to it. If you keep your pens in the front pocket, make sure you put them back there when you’re done with them. Having a home for each item means that when it’s time to do a purge, you know where to put everything back. It’s much easier to find things when you need them, too!


Just like your car’s fuel gauge or your printer’s ink levels show you how close you are to empty, use a visual cue to

Clean up: Treat your car like any other area of your home or office, and clean up when you’re done. If you grab a meal on the go, make sure all wrappers leave the car when you arrive at your next destination. Or, have a trash bin in your car, and empty it regularly. No more stray straw wrappers under the seats!

Purge your car: Just like you would your work bag, take everything out, declutter, and put things back in their homes. To declutter:

  • Remove all belongings from the car
  • Sort items into categories: trash, recycle, keep, donate, or things that need to go back into the house.
  • Put the “keep” items back into the car where they go.

Maintaining organization in a space is simple if you keep on top of it.

Regularly purging and tidying are great habits to get into, because they turn cleaning up the car from a frustrating weekend project into tiny tasks that you do as you go.

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