So you’ve got a big goal this year. Congratulations!
So, you’re in one of two places.
  1. You’re excited, you’ve already taken some action, things are rolling.
  2. You’re stopped. Suddenly you’re afraid of failing, overwhelmed, don’t know where to start. You’re about to decide that you didn’t really want that big goal anyway.
How do you go from being in category 2 into category 1?

People who achieve their goals are masters of breaking down a huge project into manageable steps, whether they do it consciously or not. If you’re in category 2, you need to do this part consciously!
Take a look at your big goal. There will be several main steps you can see that need to happen to make your goal a reality. If you don’t know what they are, one of your first steps will be to ask someone who does know, or to do some research to discover what those steps will be! We call these milestones. They should be stated just like a SMART goal so that you know when you’ve done them.
Next, take your first milestone and break that down into smaller steps. Each of these small steps should take between almost no time and about 4 hours to complete. If a step is going to take longer than that, break the step down some more until you have at least the first few tasks identified. Over planning at this stage will just delay you from getting into action. Once you’ve identified at least the first few tasks it will take to get you to your milestone, take action on the first task. Review your plan regularly to be sure you are on track to accomplish your milestone.
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