Implement business goals effectively with these 4 steps!

Last week I wrote about creating SMART PATH goals for your business. Once you set your goals, how do you implement them? 

Step 1: Set Priorities

When all tasks have the same priority level, it’s difficult for you and your employees to know what to do first. I recommend using a time management matrix like Stephen Covey’s to separate tasks into categories based on importance and urgency.

Create a list of tasks that are done on a daily or weekly basis in your business, and separate them into these categories. Use my free downloadable worksheet to guide you through the process!

Once you have categorized your tasks, you can create a schedule based around the high-priority tasks, and schedule less urgent or important tasks around those foundational blocks. 

Step 2: Training

Knowing which tasks to do is only useful if you and your employees know how to complete those tasks! Creating workflows for each task is essential, so that there’s a clearly defined process for reaching each goal. Make sure that each person is trained in these processes, so they can work independently when possible. 

Step 3: Adjusting Workflows

Once you create a process, it’s not set in stone! Keep an eye on the workflows you and your employees are using for ways in which they can improve. New technology, new ideas, and changing circumstances can all affect the processes you use in your business.

Step 4: Track! 

With so many moving parts in each business, keeping track of who’s doing what and when is crucial. Apps like Trello act as virtual cork-boards so everyone can visually assess progress on all kinds of tasks. And just like with KPIs, tracking the way you implement business goals over time can give you vital data about how long tasks are taking, and how often tasks should be done. 

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