Your car is an extension of your home, and many of the same rules apply when it comes to organization. You want to limit clutter, have a home for each item, and (most importantly) you want the space to be functional.

But the car is used for so many different tasks, it can be difficult to figure out what should stay, and what should go. You need different things when you go grocery shopping than you do on your way to the office, but how do you fit everything in at once?

The short answer is: you don’t!

A multi-use space

I recommend that my clients think of their car as a multi-use space, and just like any multi-use area in your home or office, it needs to be kept clean, tidy, and organized to be functional. Think about the different ways you use your car. Do you use it to go on grocery runs? Do you need to take the kids to and from school?

I’ll go into this in more detail next week, but the best way to make your car a multi-use space is to create to-go kits containing items that you need in specific situations. Instead of cramming everything you might need into your car at once, take just what you need with you when you go. And have a home for those kits in your garage or an easy to access closet so you can grab-and-go.

Putting things away

If it’s not simple to put things away in your car, you’re not likely to do it. Make sure that each item that always needs to be in the car goes in a particular place. Coins tend to make their way everywhere in the car, but if you choose a specific compartment in your armrest console, you never have to decide where to put your spare change again. Fewer decisions means tidying up is easy!

Go digital

Is there forgotten paperwork crammed under your passenger’s seat? Do you carry paperwork from the office or coffee shop to home, and back again? Consider going digital where you can. The easiest way to deal with paperwork is to make sure there’s never paperwork in the first place! If you need signatures at work for legal reasons, check out a service like Eversign! It creates legally-binding documents that are sent and signed online.

As I said before, your car is a multi-use extension of your home, and it deserves the same care and attention as any other place in your home. Taking the time to really consider what items you need and what you need them for is worth the effort.

When you don’t have to dig through loose receipts to find your hand sanitizer or reusable bag, you’ll thank yourself!

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