Congratulations! You’ve decluttered, packed, and moved. Now it’s time to put everything in its place in your new home. Here are four things I keep in mind I unpack with someone. Unpacking will be a breeze if you…

Have a staging area for boxes to arrive

Set aside an area for boxes to go when you and your movers (if you have them) arrive at your new home. That way everything is in a central place, and can be divided up into the right room from one location.

Label your boxes

Remember the post about packing when I said “Label, label, label?” This is when those labels come in handy. If each box says what room is goes to, you, your family, and movers don’t need to coordinate with each other—they can just put the box where the label says. Few things are more irritating on move day than someone asking you “Where does this one go? And this one?” This is especially true if a box is unlabeled, because then it has to be opened before you make a decision. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: label, label, label!

Unpack each box in its new room

Once the boxes are in the correct room, then they can be opened and unpacked. It makes a lot more work to open up the kitchen supplies in the living room and take each item into the kitchen. Save yourself lots of little trips by getting the box in the right place the first time.

Unpack the most essential things first

Anything you need immediately should be unpacked first, like:

  • Kitchen supplies
  • Clothes for the next few days
  • Medications

You prepared for your move by decluttering, you packed thoughtfully, and you brought over all your things to your new home. That’s a lot of work. Give yourself a pat on the back for all the work you’ve done, and enjoy organizing your new home!

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