At Organize to Excel, we’ve seen just about every kind of closet there is! Big closets; little closets; closets that used to be organized; closets that have been a mess from the start. Every person’s is unique, and the goal is to make the space work for YOU. But what’s it like? Many people have never worked with a professional organizer before, and don’t quite know what it involves. Today I’ve compiled some of the common questions I get about what it’s like to get your closet professionally organized. If you’re curious about something I don’t cover, ask me in the comments! 

When is it time to hire a pro?

That’s a great question, and there’s no single answer to it. There are lots of different reasons to hire a professional organizer to help you with your closet! Some of them include: 

  • It takes longer than you want to get out the door in the morning, because you spend time searching for clothes.
  • Every time you try to organize your closet, you end up frustrated or distracted. 
  • Life got in the way: you moved, or had a baby – anything that disrupted your normal organizing routine so that clutter piled up.
  • You’re moving, and don’t want to pack up clothes you don’t wear. 
  • You just plain don’t like organizing!

All of these are perfectly valid reasons to hire a professional organizer. We’re here to help you live an easier life, whatever that might mean. 

Do I need to do anything before the appointment? 

Prior to your appointment, your organizer will give you a call to go over the game plan for the day. This is a great time to discuss what your goals for your closet are, and what you’d like to focus on. If you don’t know, that’s fine! Your organizer will help you define what “organized” means to you, so you both know what you’re working towards. If you like, you can share pictures of your closet with your organizer, so they can get a better idea of where to start. 

Other than that, there’s nothing you have to do. You don’t need to “tidy up” for your organizer, or prep the space in any way. Some clients are already comfortable with decluttering, and prefer to purge before we get there so the session can be focused on organizing. That’s fine, too! 

What happens during the appointment? 

At Organize to Excel, we use the acronym I CARE to organize! Here’s how it works. 

Identify: What does an organized closet look like to you? Your organizer will ask questions to discover what your goals are. 

Categorize: Your organizer will work alongside you to put like with like. All the shirts together, all the pants together, etc. That way, you can see how much of everything you have. 

Assign Homes: Clearly defining where each type of item goes means that you never have to decide where to put something again!

Relationships: Your organizer will teach you where to store items based on how often they’re used. Clothes you wear frequently should be close at hand, while out-of-season or special-occasion garments can go in harder-to-reach places. 

Ease of Maintenance: The system only works if it’s easy enough for you to maintain. Your organizer will work with you to create a system that you can use after they’re gone.

What do I get out of hiring a professional organizer for my closet? 

When you hire a professional organizer, you get more than a neat closet! Because you’re with us every step of the way, you learn by doing how to keep your closet neat. Your organizer will teach you the skills you need to organize, and not just your closet! Our strategies work anywhere. 

You’ll also get ongoing support if you want it. Some clients have too much on their plate to maintain an organization system. Some just plain don’t like organizing! That’s absolutely fine. If you prefer a maintenance-based approach, we’d love to support you in that way. 

What did I miss? What questions do you have about what it’s like to get your closet professionally organized? Ask me in the comments!

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